Keystone Lake topographic map

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Name: Keystone Lake topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Keystone Lake, Westport, Osage County, Oklahoma, United States (36.21994 -96.34009 36.25108 -96.28379)

Average elevation: 791 ft

Minimum elevation: 715 ft

Maximum elevation: 958 ft

The spillway is a gated ogee weir, 720 feet (220 m) wide with eighteen tainter gates, each 40 by 35 feet (12 by 11 m). Spillway capacity at the maximum pool level (elevation 766.0 feet (233.5 m)) is 939,000 cubic feet per second (26,600 m3/s). Capacity at the top of the flood control pool level (elevation 754.0 feet (229.8 m)) is 565,000 cubic feet per second (16,000 m3/s). The spillway also has nine sluices, each 5.67 by 10 feet (1.73 by 3.05 m).

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