Carrara topographic map

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About this map

Name: Carrara topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Carrara, Massa-Carrara, Tuscany, 54033, Italy (44.02666 10.01876 44.12973 10.17111)

Average elevation: 1,237 ft

Minimum elevation: -3 ft

Maximum elevation: 5,627 ft

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Italy > Tuscany > Pistoia

Cerbaia, Lamporecchio, Pistoia, Tuscany, 51036, Italy

Average elevation: 112 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Lucca > Massarosa

Stiava, Massarosa, Unione dei comuni della Versilia, Lucca, Tuscany, 55054, Italy

Average elevation: 407 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Florence

Vinci, Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Average elevation: 400 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Pisa > Peccioli

Ghizzano, Peccioli, Pisa, Tuscany, 56037, Italy

Average elevation: 338 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Pistoia > Pescia

Vellano, Pescia, Pistoia, Tuscany, 51017, Italy

Average elevation: 1,447 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Pistoia

Lamporecchio, Pistoia, Tuscany, 51035, Italy

Average elevation: 433 ft


Italy > Tuscany

Prato, Tuscany, 59100, Italy

Average elevation: 486 ft

Licciana Nardi

Italy > Tuscany

Licciana Nardi, Unione di comuni Montana Lunigiana, Massa-Carrara, Tuscany, 54016, Italy

Average elevation: 1,614 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Lucca

Pietrasanta, Unione dei comuni della Versilia, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Average elevation: 587 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Arezzo

Cortina, Castel San Niccolò, Arezzo, Tuscany, 52018, Italy

Average elevation: 2,530 ft


Italy > Tuscany > Florence > Gambassi Terme

Sant'Agostino, Gambassi Terme, Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Average elevation: 807 ft

Chianciano Terme

Italy > Tuscany > Siena

Chianciano Terme, Unione dei Comuni Valdichiana Senese, Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Average elevation: 1,516 ft


Italy > Tuscany

Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Average elevation: 466 ft

Gravagna Montale

Italy > Tuscany

Gravagna Montale, Pontremoli, Massa-Carrara, Tuscany, Italy

Average elevation: 2,825 ft


Italy > Tuscany

Pontremoli, Massa-Carrara, Tuscany, 54027, Italy

Average elevation: 2,457 ft

San Marcello Pistoiese

Italy > Tuscany > Pistoia

San Marcello Pistoiese, San Marcello Piteglio, Pistoia, Tuscany, 51028, Italy

Average elevation: 2,382 ft

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