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Escondido, San Diego County, California, United States (33.12168 -117.08148)

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Name: Escondido topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 33.05784 -117.14610 33.21161 -116.99386
Minimum elevation: 301 ft
Maximum elevation: 2,399 ft
Average elevation: 932 ft


Escondido tends to have a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cool wet winters. Owing to its inland setting it is considerably warmer than coastal cities like San Diego, Carlsbad or Oceanside during the summertime, and cooler in the winter. Yearly precipitation averages around 15 inches (380 mm) and can vary considerably from year to year. Rainfall totals are higher in the hills to the north and east, with 20-24 inches falling in most areas above 2,000 feet elevation, and over 30 inches on Palomar Mountain, 15 miles east. More than 80% of all precipitation takes place from November through March. Snow is virtually unheard of, though occasionally winter and springtime thunderstorms will drop small hail. The climate is mild enough to allow widespread cultivation of avocados and oranges. Escondido is located in a plant hardiness zone 9. The hottest temperature recorded in Escondido was 113º on August 25, 1894 and again on August 29th, 1909. The coldest temperature recorded in Escondido was 13º on January 2, 1901 and 7th, 1913.

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